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University Presses Marketing

University Presses Marketing was founded in 1988 but there will be no thirtieth anniversary; nor, indeed, a twenty-ninth. The doors will close for the last time on 31st December 2016.

There will be no change in distribution for any of our client presses.

The book trade has been transformed in that period of nearly three decades and nobody with any knowledge of the matter would maintain that all the changes have been positive ones. It has, though, been an interesting and often highly rewarding ride: some marvellous bookshops, some superb booksellers, some tremendous books – and some admirably discriminating and supportive book buyers.

Publishing scholarly books – and representing scholarly presses – is not noted for earning fortunes for those engaged in such pursuits. If it were simply a question of money, of course, those people would do something else, and there are decent enough livings to be made, in congenial, intelligent – civilised – company. If you happen to be cursed with a sense of – say it – cultural mission, something a little suspect to a British audience even twenty years ago and frankly baffling to it now, at least there are always the books.

‘Endings: I believe it is partly a national trait: the English sentence dying away in a mumble and a wave of the hand.’—Sylvia Townsend Warner to William Maxwell, 12 March 1966.

    And all this comes to an end,

And is not again to be met with.
         Ezra Pound, ‘Exile’s Letter’.